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Projetowanie wnętrz Poznań

Interior design

Zawieja Studio


Yes! Want your home to be unique and eye-catching? Hire an interior designer!


With the help of our professional, your interiors will take on a new dimension and gain an innovative look.


The interior designer is an expert in aesthetics, functional solutions and ecological solutions. It will provide you with custom designs that will perfectly fit your needs and goals. Using the services of an interior designer is an investment that will bring you appropriate benefits, such as: consistent space, in line with the expectations of users, more ergonomic interiors and a much shorter project implementation time.


A comprehensive project prepared by an interior designer is a great support in real estate transactions, regardless of whether it is an apartment for rent, a dream family home or a commercial investment. The scope of the project includes consultation and design brief, preparation of an inventory with space dimensioning and marking of installations in the facility shown on a 2D projection.


Next, moodboards with inspirations and materialboards from samples of finishing materials are prepared in order to be able to choose the appropriate style in which photorealistic 3D visualizations are to be prepared. The last step of the project is the development of detailed technical documentation consisting of functional system projections, suspended ceiling projections, drawings of electrical, plumbing and ventilation installations, floor projections, door joinery lists, window screens, drawings of custom-made furniture and others.


Shopping lists and ready-made statements from proven suppliers are prepared, as well as a schedule of orders and a plan of finishing works. Since the start of construction, the architect has been visiting the construction site on average once a week under supervision. The renovation can be carried out by a professional finishing team and an experienced carpenter cooperating with the architect, or by an external contractor.


  • Designed space - 3,960 sq. m.

  • The average working time of the office on the project - 3 h / sq m

  • Completed turnkey spaces with author's supervision - 3,450 sq m

  • Designed rooms - 218 rooms

Hiring a qualified interior designer is a great way to achieve the best results without having to decorate on your own. Interior designers are professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of style, materials and techniques in the field of interior design and arrangement. Here are some benefits of hiring an interior designer:

  • Time saving. Interior designers have all the necessary tools to complete the design process successfully and quickly. This means that you save time that you would have to spend on preparing a project plan yourself.

  • Latest trends. Interior designers have the most up-to-date information about trends that can be used in interior design. They will also provide you with information about new technologies on the market and help you make an informed decision about your findings.

  • Save money. After all, you are facing an expensive reconstruction or renovation of your home. Interior designers can make your investments more efficient and profitable. With their help, it is very easy to set a budget and expenses related to the purchase of materials to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses.

  • Creativity and uniqueness. Interior designers are adept at creatively creating spaces and arranging according to your needs and tastes. In addition, your environment is more to your liking when it is created by a professional.

If you need unique or custom concepts for your environment, designers are available for advice and design. They will also advise on colors, materials and the overall detailed look of your interiors.

All in all, hiring a professional interior designer is a great way to improve your decorating plan submission by making your budget more flexible.

  • We approach each customer individually

  • Our prices are fair and reasonable

  • We have many years of experience and our customers are always satisfied

  • We are qualified to carry out valuations for credit purposes and we know the requirements

  • We are known for reliability

  • We listen to the needs of our customers

  • We help with the formalities

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