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Real estate appraisal brokerage

Competent mediation in real estate valuation

Benefits of using real estate appraisal agency

The property valuation brokerage service provided by Puk Nieruchomości is a quick and professional way to obtain a reliable assessment of the value of your property.


The valuation is quick and painless, and thanks to many years of experience of employees, customers can be sure that they will receive the most up-to-date and reliable information.


The offered valuation includes market analysis and comparisons with other properties in a given area, which allows for a very precise price. Guided by the current condition of the property and its potential, it is possible to assess its actual value of the entire property.


Obtaining a valuation enables clients to make a quick decision, being aware of the current state of their property on the local market. Such information can be used by sellers to effectively determine the sale price and identify the profits due to them from the transaction.


Institutional clients, such as banks and investment funds, can use the services of Puk Nieruchomości to more easily monitor their assets and better protect themselves against losses in the designated value. Based on the valuation, property taxes can also be calculated and the relevant tax authorities informed.


The valuation brokerage service offered by Puk Nieruchomości is fast, professional and comprehensive. It allows you to obtain a reliable assessment of the value of real estate on the local market and is a valuable tool for people selling or investing in real estate.

Puk Nieruchomości

We appraise real estate values

- local real estate,
- undeveloped land properties,
- built-up land properties,


In accordance with the Common National Valuation Principles and professional standards of property appraisers, a property appraiser performs activities with particular care, in accordance with the principles of professional ethics and guided by the principle of impartiality, in accordance with applicable law.

Valuation purpose:

As the name suggests, the purpose of valuation is to determine the value of real estate or a special property right for the purpose of:

- determination of the sale/purchase price,
- debt security,

- enforcement of monetary receivables,

- abolition of co-ownership,

- division of joint property,

- inheritance,

- determining and updating fees for perpetual usufruct,
- determining and updating fees for permanent management,
- other.

If you need an accurate and precise real estate appraisal, our real estate appraisal service is just for you! Our qualified and experienced experts are ready to help you assess the market value of your property. We will conduct a comprehensive market research and consider all factors to provide you with a reliable quote. We also have a wealth of real estate information to help you understand your options. Using our service means that you will be sure that the property has been valued accurately and precisely.

Don't wait! Use our service today!

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Save time and money - use a professional real estate appraisal agency

When it comes to real estate appraisal, there is no room for error. Therefore, it is important to ensure the best service and the use of professional brokers.


Puk Real Estate has everything you need!


Puk Nieruchomosci is a company with a long history and experience in conducting investments and valuations that create a coherent sales plan. A team of qualified professionals provides property valuation services throughout Poland. They also offer online services so you can quickly get the correct property value information.


In addition to on-site and online valuations, Puk Nieruchomosci also offers real estate appraisals and a wide range of advisory services that allow clients to obtain a visual assessment of the value of a property. These services are offered by a member of the Puk Nieruchomosci team, certified as a real estate appraiser.


Puk Nieruchomosci also offers its clients access to professional analytical services. This service includes reports on the market, location characterisation, selective renovation and price forecasts.


All this together allows for a full analysis of the value of the property and the possible level of return on investment. Puk Nieruchomosci real estate appraisal service is a particularly profitable investment because it saves you time and money. Instead of spending time assessing the property value yourself and searching the internet, it is better to entrust it to a professional property valuation professional.


Puk Nieruchomosci offers a wide range of services and analytical advice, which will allow you to safely and legally determine the transaction price. The knowledge and experience of professionals from PUK Real Estate Company are invaluable and wholeheartedly recommended.

  • We approach each customer individually

  • Our prices are fair and reasonable

  • We have many years of experience and our customers are always satisfied

  • We are qualified to carry out valuations for credit purposes and we know the requirements

  • We are known for reliability

  • We listen to the needs of our customers

  • We help with the formalities

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