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Discovering your dream home can be a daunting task

If you are looking for a professional and reliable real estate agency, we encourage you to use the services of our company. We offer a wide range of services related to the real estate market, such as brokerage in sales, rental, rental management, real estate search and many others.

Our many years of experience and industry knowledge will allow you to choose the best solution tailored to your needs and capabilities.

Our team consists of professional advisors who will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and support. We also offer comprehensive transaction support, so you can be sure that everything will run smoothly and safely. Using our services is a guarantee of
satisfaction and peace of mind.

We invite you to cooperate.

Puk Nieruchomości has been operating in the real estate market for years and is a modern office with experience in the industry.

Thanks to our individual approach, you won't find hundreds of random ads or poor quality real estate in our portfolio - this is because we attach great importance to quality, not quantity. Regardless of the situation, you will quickly find your dream home or a new place to live thanks to our individual approach.

Our portfolio includes several smaller and larger projects, and in the last few years we have sold a number of houses or apartments on the secondary market. We are also able to provide comprehensive services for development investments.

In addition, our company actively cooperates with other brokers who, like us, strive to provide the highest level of service to their clients. Dedicated contracts based on exclusivity are the only way we work with our clients and provide our services only on a dedicated basis.

At all stages of the real estate purchase or sale process, we provide our clients with full support: assessment of the legal status, visual preparation for sale {various services are available: housing staging, professional photo sessions, drone shots, virtual walks, advertising films, organization of open days and other such services}, presentation of the property, completion of all formalities required to finalise the transaction, negotiations, assistance in finding the best loan offer on the market, until the keys are handed over to the new owner. You can be sure that by working with us, you are working with experts.

Pośrednik nieruchomości Magdalena Puk

Magdalena Puk 

Magdalena Puk is a psychology graduate who graduated from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. After completing these studies, Magdalena began postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Poznań, focusing on the specialization in the field of "Real Estate Management - Real Estate Valuation".


Thanks to her education and experience, Magdalena is currently involved in activities related to the real estate market, in particular acting as an intermediary in sales and rental transactions. She also works with investors and property owners, advising on the potential of specific properties in terms of rental and property profitability.


Magdalena also has highly developed interpersonal skills, which allows her to effectively establish contacts and build relationships with clients. In addition, Magdalena has extensive knowledge of the real estate market, which she gained thanks to practice and participation in numerous trainings.

If you're looking for a new property or want to explore the available listings on the market, we encourage you to reach out to Magdalena Puk. As professional real estate agents, we're ready to assist you in finding your dream home or apartment. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your real estate goals!

Why is it worth using our services?

Our experience and professionalism allow us to assist you in real estate transactions when you decide to entrust us with these matters. As brokers on the Polish real estate market, we have many years of experience in providing brokerage services to our clients.

We try to meet the expectations of our clients with the actions we take so that the process of selling or renting real estate runs smoothly and safely with us. 

Our team of professionals makes every effort to provide our clients with the best possible service and highly efficient operation on the Polish real estate market.

In addition to offering our clients the best real estate solutions, we are known for our comprehensive approach and professional advice. In addition to offering the best real estate solutions, we also know the potential, location and spatial development of real estate. In addition, we are able to listen to the needs of our clients and prefer to treat each client with an individualised approach.

As a real estate company, we do not limit ourselves to the presentation of real estate, but to provide our clients with a full range of assistance throughout the entire real estate trading process, from accepting the offer to finalising the sale or lease transaction and handing over the property.


As a family business, we make every effort to provide our customers with the best possible service. Thanks to this, we want to be able to help as many people as possible in finding the perfect property for themselves.

We care a lot about details.

The client will be with us from the moment of signing the brokerage agreement until we hand over the keys to the property.

We work with heart and we devote ourselves to our work, because a satisfied customer and a successful transaction are the highest reward in our industry.


We are proud of every success.

We are for everyone. We strive to maintain a good reputation by demonstrating our commitment and perfection

It is important that things are dealt with quickly. We think about the future. We stay with our clients for longer. We always strive to work in the best way for you rather than the easiest way for us. We are building a community.

mieszkania Poznań
Pośrednik nieruchomości Poznań


At Puk Nieruchomości, our mission is to deliver professional real estate brokerage services to our clients. Our main objective is to provide top-quality services that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations, helping us grow as a company.

Our approach is to understand our customers' needs and expectations to build strong, long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We are passionate about our work and committed to helping our clients achieve their real estate goals.

Our ultimate goal is to become a market leader in the real estate industry by constantly enhancing our services and investing in our employees' development. We are always on the lookout for the best solutions and latest trends to offer our clients a comprehensive service at the highest level.

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