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Lease management

Tenancy management is an important part of running a business and plays a key role in maintaining any relationship between landlord and tenants. It allows both to ensure compliance with the law and meet the requirements of a given real estate market. To be successful in managing a lease, it is important to create and implement a well-thought-out system.

The first step is to define specific lease management procedures, such as the tenant recruitment and selection process; defining and enforcing rental standards; monitoring rental payments; providing information on the rights and obligations of the parties; and customer service protocols. A detailed reporting system should then be set up so that progress on any procedures can be tracked regularly and actions taken to optimize profitability.

The next step is to create a performance measurement system to check whether the procedures introduced actually help to improve profitability. It is important to both define the metrics that will be used to compare performance and implement appropriate monitoring data. This may include developing a plan to review premises to assess their condition, determine the time needed to replenish premises after tenants have vacated, and monitor response times to interventions in all problem situations.

Finally, it is important to educate both employees and tenants about the rights and obligations outlined in the tenancy management procedures. Regular coaching or training sessions are necessary for each party to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

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As a company providing rental management services, we offer a wide range of services for property owners.

Our offer includes:

  • Recruitment and selection of tenants:Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to find suitable tenants who will meet the requirements and expectations of property owners.

  • Handling rental agreements: We prepare and service lease agreements, and we also deal with settlements with tenants.

  • Payment service: We make rent payments and settle accounts with property owners.

  • Property management:We control the technical condition of the property, carry out renovations and contact renovation teams.

  • Consulting:We provide consulting services for property owners, such as advice on optimizing rental costs or assistance in obtaining a mortgage.


Our rental management service is designed for property owners who do not want or do not have time to deal with property management on their own, and for landlords who need professional support in managing their property rental. We are an experienced and reliable partner, ensuring effective and efficient rental management.

Puk Nieruchomości

If you are looking for professional rental management, you've come to the right place. With our rental management service, you have a comprehensive service, from selecting tenants to negotiating prices and fees. Our professional team will help you every step of the way to tailor the offer to your needs.

In addition, our specialists offer assistance in preparing the rental documentation so that you can be sure that everything is done correctly.

Thanks to our rental management service, you will save time and energy, devoting them to other more important matters.

Don't wait any longer - contact us today!

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