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Credit Counseling 

Your future is safe!

The benefits of using a professional credit advisor with whom our company cooperates.

Using a professional credit advisor indicated by Puk Real Estate brings many benefits. A credit advisor offers a wide range of services, helps in searching for and comparing credit offers from various banks, and provides information about current market trends and financial situation. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, our employees can properly identify your credit needs and implement the appropriate steps to meet them.

You can use the help of a professional credit advisor to access competitive credit offers, access bank accounts and financial services, as well as obtain information about changes in the market that may affect our business.

Thanks to the support of a credit advisor, our company can also maintain its business relations with banks and other financial institutions. This allows us to easily obtain the best credit offer and enables flexible repayment of debts.

I am convinced that cooperation with a professional credit advisor will allow you to achieve your financial goals. In addition to obtaining attractive loan offers, you will also have a stable financial situation and better relations with banks.

Consultant at work

We Can Arrange Expert Mortgage Advice to Help You Secure Your Dream Home

We work with professional mortgage advisors who are ready to help you get a mortgage.


Our advisors have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of real estate financing, thanks to which they are able to advise the best solution tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of our clients.


If you need assistance with obtaining a mortgage, please contact our advisers who will be happy to help, and they will provide all necessary information and support.

Kredyty mieszkaniowe

Why is a home loan a good choice?

If you need financial help to finance your home costs, a home loan may be the solution. It allows for quick access to funds needed for the purchase or renovation of the building. Thanks to competent service and convenient repayment terms, a home loan will help you raise funds to make your dreams of your own apartment come true and make them available on realistic terms.

In addition, a home loan can be used to finance important real estate investments, such as upgrading or fencing your property, as it often offers a greater range of possibilities than traditional mortgage loans. You can also use it when you need quick access to funds to finance a small investment, such as a bathroom renovation or electrical installation repair.

In addition, a home loan can offer attractive repayment terms and flexible options tailored to your needs. Thanks to this, you can avoid burdening your budget with excessive fees or monthly payments, while giving yourself a chance for long-term development of your financial situation by optimizing costs and favourable repayment options.

  • We approach each customer individually

  • Our prices are fair and reasonable

  • We have many years of experience and our customers are always satisfied

  • We are qualified to carry out valuations for credit purposes and we know the requirements

  • We are known for reliability

  • We listen to the needs of our customers

  • We help with the formalities

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